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Emre Gürsoy
– a catalyst in Design-led Technology Solutions

Emre Gürsoy has been working in the fields of management, business advisory, digital transformation, innovation, brand consultancy, technology and board memberships for over 25 years. Currently, Emre Gürsoy is Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Europe at Cogniance, a global consultancy, design and technology company, headquartered in Silicon Valley. Harnessing design as a core element in problem resolution, Cogniance emphasizes future-readiness through technology building blocks such as Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Embedded & IoT, Cloud Computing, Mobile devices/platforms, Web solutions, Industrial design and Experience design.

Until recently, Emre Gürsoy was the Global President & COO of one the most successful ad agency start-ups in Denmark, overseeing the global expansion of its network to 9 offices and 500+ people in four regions.

Throughout his career, Emre Gürsoy has consulted and partnered with large global enterprises in various geographies. He has a track record of long-lasting client relationships within Technology, Retail, Fintech, Healthcare, Telco, Transport and FMCG industries. Today, Emre Gürsoy also serves on the boards of several companies in Denmark.

Emre Gürsoy holds an MBA and degree in Mechanical Engineer. He attributes his success to his tenacious pragmatism and persistent attention to continuous growth. He possesses an in-depth understanding of cultural differences and business applications. Born and raised in Istanbul, Emre Gürsoys studies and international career path has taken him all over the world. During his career, he has lived and/or worked in Europe, North America and Asia. He currently resides in Copenhagen Denmark with his wife and three daughters.

Embracing change and transformation

Some call it the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” others the “Transformation era”. In today’s highly connected world, marginal and/or incremental improvement is not enough for organizations to stay ahead of their competition. Winning requires continuous transformation.

Technology driven disruption vs. transformation

Transformation can be more difficult than technology driven disruption. Disrupters are often entrepreneurial start-ups, creative thinkers playing offense without worrying about protecting any organizational heritage. By contrast, transformation in an established enterprise with an asset base and capital requirements calls for a strong defense as well as an aggressive offense.


Succeeding in the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires authentic leadership, unquestionable trust, and genuine transparency – all rooted in a visionary purpose, customer centric strategy and a strong brand platform. Leaders capable of eliminating complexity, establishing simple, consistent and customer experience oriented solutions are the drivers of today’s successful team leads.

Operational excellence

As they say, “Practices are only as good as the people implementing them”. Organizations mobilizing the implementation plans by empowerment, agile structures, culture of continuous learning and results orientation have a much greater chance of accelerating their performance.



AdPeople Worldwide/
WPP plc

Leo Burnett/
Publicis Groupe


Danish Association of Advertising Agencies
Speakers Club


Lived and/ or worked
in 10 countries,
responsibility for
70 markets to service


Mechanical Engineer

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